Cleanliness drive for Swachh Bharat
Swachhata Pakhwada -1 to 15 SEPTEMBER, 2018)

Swachhata Shapath Day & Awareness Day 04.09.2018

In the morning assembly the students pledged to keep their surroundings clean.


Green Drive day 06.09.2018

Ivy World School took Swachh Bharat Abhiyan beyond classrooms.

Inspired by students in Japan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Swachh Bharat- Swachh Vidyalaya drive recently.

Taking this initiative a step ahead, Ivyians little wonders has taken the initiative beyond classrooms. The drive informed young Ivyians about measures regarding hygiene and sanitation around the vicinity, classrooms & around their residence. To throw more light, kids were shown ways and measures to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle things.

Meanwhile, students of K1 & K2 participated in this drive outside their school premises also in lush green lawns & made “Best out of waste things”.



Swachhata Participation Day  06.09.18



“India can do it. People of India can do it.” – Narendra Modi

To inculcate the value of cleanliness among students, debate on Swach Bharat Abhiyan was conducted in IVY World School on 6th September, 2018. Students of grade 4 and 5 enthusiastically participated and presented their thoughts. They highlighted the aims of this mission like elimination of open defecation in the country, putting an end to the inhuman practice of manual scavenging and carrying out Municipal Solid Waste Management. The students realized that any work is best done when it is carried out by a person himself. It also made the students aware of the dignity of labour. It is the ultimate way to achieve success in many fields as well as enhance the economic status of the country. Principal Mrs. S. Chauhan applauded the efforts put forth by the students.




Essay Writing:


“Give your city clean look to maintain the dream book”

The Honourable Prime Minister said, it is our social responsibility as citizens of India to help fulfil Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of Clean India, by his 150 th birth anniversary in 2019. As responsible citizens, we at Ivy World School considering it as our moral duty had organized an Essay writing activity on “Hygiene and sanitation in school premises” on 6th September, 2018. The main purpose of this activity was to create awareness among the students regarding cleanliness and its benefits. It was a unique experience for all of them. They were curious to be the part of this great drive that can transform the face of our country forever. Principal Mrs. S. Chauhan applauded the efforts put forth by the students.



"Cleanliness is next to godliness”

Ivy World School students of Grade VI organised a skit based on Swachhata conveyed 'charity begins at home' saying we must clean our surrounding which will lead us to have clean and green nation.



Ivy World School organised a Quiz based on Swachhata which enlightened them with this drive on Swachhata



Personal hygiene Day: 07.09.18


In our school, cleanliness and personal hygiene plays a vital role. An activity was conducted for students on the same topic. It was a great experience to share the knowledge of personal hygiene with the help of natural techniques which boost up the immune system of our body. The highlights of the personal hygiene day are given below:


1.      Students have learnt how to pare nails.

2.      Students had pledged to leave certain bad habits like eating junk food.

3.      Importance of healthy food was also emphasized.

4.      Importance of immune system in the human body with its effective response against infections was explained.

5.      Supplementary book material on hygiene was recommended to them.

6.      List of immune boosting natural food was shared.


Hand Wash Day 7.09.18

We Ivyians feel proud in grooming our students who are the future of this great nation. To inculcate the habit of hygiene and sanitation amongst Ivyians ‘Swachh Bharat Drive’ was organized. Accordingly the dedicated day was celebrated. On 7th September students of Grade 1 to 3 learned the importance of adopting the habit of proper methods of washing hands before and after eating . This activity conveyed the message that health and cleanliness of a great nation depends on the hygiene and sanitation of its citizens. Children understood that being hygienic is the way to protect ourselves and other people from the germs, chemical, dirt and infections. The event focused on engaging the children in a fun and educational manner so that they understood why, when and how to wash hands. 


Exhibition Day – 11.09.18


1.  Ivy world school celebrated the 'Swachhata School Exhibition Day' with the display of their art work, paintings, quotes and slogan writing related to the topic. Students were advised to throw the waste in the dustbins only.

2.  Parents and community members were invited to attend the exhibition and they felt immensely proud and happy… to see their children learning about the environment through this exhibition. This exhibition was appreciated by the Principal, Mrs. Sanjeev Chauhan, staff members, students and parents.



Community Participation Day – 11.09.18


“Cleanliness and order are not matters of instinct, they are matters of education, like all great things, you must cultivate a taste for them.” 

 With this motto Ivy World school Jalandhar organized “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” Rally on 12.9.18 for Grade 3. The students marched holding hoardings with slogans spreading awareness. The concerned teachers educated the students regarding the importance of cleanliness and their responsibility towards spreading the message further.

Principal Mrs. S. Chauhan and headmistress Mrs. Parminderjit Sandhu acted as role models and motivated the students to follow the habit of cleanliness by involving themselves.


Swachh Water Day and Water Harvesting Day

Date: 12-9-2018 & 13-9-2018          


As per the CBSE instructions under Swachh Bharat- Swachhata Pakhwada-2018, about cleanliness programme, Swachh Water Day was conducted to make students aware about health and resource conservation. It was a great experience to share the knowledge of conserving natural resources using scientific methods important for healthy human life.The highlights of Swachh Water day and Water Harvesting Day are given below:

1.      Students learnt scientific and natural methods to conserve water.

2.      Students learnt the importance of drinking pure water.

3.      Students learnt to remove impurities from water through various methods.

4.      They also learnt to reduce the harmful organic waste from contaminated water.

Letter Writing : 14.09.2018



Shramdaan & Prize distribution Day: 15.09.18


Shramdaan was conducted in the school premises to emphasise the importance of manual labour and the need to keep our surroundings clean.

The Swachhata Pakhwada culminated with prize distribution ceremony where students were appreciated for their endeavours and their continued support for keeping the spirit of the programme alive and taking it forward.


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