I thank you for your interest in IVY WORLD SCHOOL.

'Being a Parent is a great blessing of life and seeing your child grow, learn and become a successful individual is a greater blessing.'

We thought hard and conceptualized this NEW AGE SCHOOL in consultation with eminent educationists and thinkers. IWS therefore has:

  • A unique curriculum
  • Specially trained teachers
  • Integrated technology strategies to support teaching learning
  • Opportunities to enhance individual capabilities
  • Large learning spaces, labs, workshops and multiple sport facilities
  • Landscaped outdoor spaces for social interactions

Let us come together in building your child's foundation of life at Ivy WORLD SCHOOL.

S. Chauhan


To ensure a “welcoming learning environment” that is engaging and responsive to each child at each stage of development and make every child feel safe, happy and confident.

To motivate our educators, students and parents to raise their aspirations and achieve the same through collaboration and create a dynamic parent-teacher organization integral to a child's support system.

To recognize and celebrate each child's potential.

To develop appropriate instruction that is flexible enough to meet individual differences and learning styles.

To make every child able to adapt and adjust to diverse and ever changing societies.

To engage in an innovative, rigorous, far reaching and multifaceted curriculum.