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We see every child as having “preparedness, potential, curiosity and interest in constructing their own learning and in negotiating with everything the environment brings to them.

The curriculum challenges the new age generation and beckons them to join the league of balanced, reflective and responsible global thinkers.


Children between the ages of one and five do not learn because they are taught. They learn as a result of their own doing through actions, relationships, inquiries, opportunities and repetition.

This knowledge is the foundation of emergent curriculum and the remaking of education for lifelong learning goals and cosmopolitan society.


A School club is a great way for students to expand their minds outside the classroom. Some examples of clubs are Animation, Dramatics, Fun with Science, Photography, Literary and Communication etc.

The goal of the program is to get students excited over learning about Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Physics, Biology and Chemistry.


Our educators have classroom experience & high quality professional development. At every teacher's workshop we use challenge-based approach to maximize the amount of time that participants spend.

Participants leave our workshops armed with new ideas & strategies that can be implemented in their classroom as soon as school year begins.

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  Ivy World School
      Hoshiarpur Road, Rama Mandi
      Jalandhar - 144007 (Punjab)


   M: 9878988330, 7589117245

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   Admissions : 9356691984


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