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In this academic session, IVY World School has initiated the process to instill a global dimension into the learning experience and registered for the British Council International School Award (ISA).

The British Council offers the International School Award (ISA) as an accreditation framework for schools to record and evaluate their international work and embed it into the curriculum and whole school ethos. As part of the ISA action plan, the school has planned and executed Seven different projects for students of different age groups which were titled as ‘World Science Day', Banking Facilities in India and UK, Remembering Holocaust, Food Fiesta, Knowing and celebrating Indian Independence and UAE day, Cultural fiesta and Cross Cultural Sports.

For these activities the school would be collaborating with Gems Westminster School Dubai. The school will be collaborating with students in UAE on three of their projects. The students within the school will be involved in the international framework, collaborative curriculum-based work and year-round international activities.

Project 2: Banking Facilities In India and UK

To spread global awareness among students, a discussion on Banking systems in Indian and UK was organized in the school, for classes 9 to 11. This discussion was a part of British Council activity –ISA award .Through this discussion, the students became aware of the banking systems in two countries, their comparisons and differences. Students’ also prepared a power point presentation followed by a quiz worksheet.

Principal, Mrs.Chauhan who was also the part of the discussion applauded the students for their well-researched efforts and hard work.

Project 3: Remembering Holocaust

The activity was conducted so as the students understand the contributions of Germany during the Nazi rule. This was done by organizing Creative writing activity in the form of letters from Mahatma Gandhi to Hitler and Hitler to Mahatma Gandhi about holocaust. This activity enabled students to study and understand problems that have existed in our own history and society. Students comprehended the factors responsible for the growth of Nazism and the nature of their ideology. Students also created Time lines where they highlighted important events which led to Holocaust and after. The activity was conducted by Social Science department in the month of September.

Project 4: Food fiesta

To make the students aware about different cuisines around the world, Food Fiesta activity was conducted in the school where an Inter house cooking without fire competition in association with ISA-British Council was organized for classes 5 to 10.The theme for the same was Italian and Mexican. The students got an opportunity to display their hidden culinary talents along with information of food in different parts of the world. The competition was judged by General Manager Mr. Narayan and head chef of Hotel Sarovar Portico Mr. Ravi and leading nutritionist of the town Mrs.Seema Malik.

Principal Mrs. S. Chauhan appreciated the efforts put forward by the students and encouraged them to participate in more such events.

Project 5: Knowing & celebrating Indian independence & UAE : A collaborative activity

A fancy frolic activity- Leaders of UAE and Leaders of India was conducted in the school as a part of ISA project so as the students understand and appreciate the important leaders and personalities of UAE. They understood and appreciated the way how the two cultures are different and yet so similar. Students came up dressed in different and vibrant costumes. The competition was judged by Head mistress Ms. Parminderjit and pre-primary coordinator Ms.Himani Dutta.

Principal Mrs. S. Chauhan congratulated the students and said that such activities help us to bridge across cultural divides not only in our country but also globally.

Project 7: Cross Cultural Sports Event

In association with British Council-Isa award, the school has partnered GEMS Westminster school in Dubai. Through this association the school is collaborating under three of its projects,. One of which is Cross Cultural Sports event. A Skype conversation was organized by the school, where the students of both the schools interacted and discussed various sports played in the two countries.

Students of IVY world discussed about KHO KHO and students in UAE discussed about Football which is widely played there. Such an activity enabled the students to know and appreciate the sports activities of the partner school.

Later on a sports event was organized in the school, where the students played a football match. The event was attended by senior coordinator of the school Mr.Rakesh Sharma. He appreciated the enthusiasm of the students and encouraged to participate in more such activities

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