About Ivy World School


For over a decade, the Vasal Education Society has been dedicated to providing quality education. Ivy World School is our third endeavour towards the commitment to delivering a unique, globally recognised educational experience to students.

Ivy World School is a CBSE affiliated international school in Jalandhar that continues to enliven its vision of providing distinctive and globally relevant education that prepares students for success in life. To add value, we network with students and teachers and educationists to understand, absorb and implement successful ideas.
We have a strong culture of achievement and offer personalised learning opportunities, enabling our students to explore and develop their unique strengths and talents. Our academic programmes, sports facilities and extracurricular activities are designed to support the holistic development of our students.

At Ivy World School, we are committed to innovation and creativity, providing our students with a challenging yet rewarding education. With a team of highly qualified and experienced educators, we strive to empower our students to become lifelong learners and leaders in their respective fields.

What Makes IWS Special?

An International School That Inspires Achievement

Ivy World School has established itself as a school that parents can trust and that their children will love. Our tailored curriculum,
rooted in the principles of the CBSE, empowers students to reach their full potential and develop unwavering confidence.

We strive to ensure that your child reaches their full potential and that they grow to be confident in everything they do. Our
world-class educators deliver a combination of rigorous academics and creative exploration, inspiring students to seize
opportunities on a global scale. We cultivate a culture of excellence and lifelong learning, empowering students to discover
their true skills and talents.


Our school community provides a warm and friendly welcome for your child. Our Principal and our staff promise to support your child to become a global learner and aspiring leader. Throughout school years, your child becomes ours and we promise a happy, secure and enlightening experience.


The world is full of possibilities, from new discoveries to new friendships. We bring our worldwide family of schools together using our Global Campus, giving students a chance to work together and learn about
different communities.

Our Global Campus helps students explore the world, learn new skills and set their sights higher, developing a truly international perspective through outstanding online, in-school and worldwide experiences. We inspire your child to reach for their goals and ambitions and be hungry in their quest for learning.


At Ivy World School, your child will be given the opportunity to excel in many different ways. Our approach is to build the confidence and drive that inspires each student to achieve their goals and surpass their expectations.

Our team of teaching staff provides the highest quality of learning where all students are given the opportunities to achieve their very best. With small class sizes, our teachers know each child and how to enable them to make exceptional achievements in all areas of the curriculum.


Our students have the privilege of securing
placements in their desired fields at prestigious higher education institutions worldwide. We have established partnerships and networks with renowned colleges and universities, offering opportunities for credit recognition and facilitating placements for our students.