Learning Methodologies
and Pedagogy

We recognise that learning encompasses more than just academics. It involves the development of various aspects, including physical, emotional, social and cognitive growth, which contribute to the overall well-being of every student. By fostering critical thinking, creativity and innovation, we aim to empower students to become life-long learners.

The transformation of information into knowledge occurs when students deeply understand, analyse and internalise its essence. Learning, therefore, is a dynamic process that brings about change and enhances the potential for improved performance and future learning.

In our educational approach, pedagogy goes beyond the mere transmission of information by teachers. Instead, it revolves around creating opportunities for each student to learn in a way that best suits their individual learning style, ensuring that they acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies.

To help each pupil master knowledge and skills, our educators believe and follow:

The five pedagogy approaches:


The students are given opportunities to explore, find meaning and gain knowledge.


Learners form a group to learn together, solve a problem, complete an assignment, work on a project or create products.


The students are given an opportunity to find connections between disciplines across the content.


The students are asked to observe the various activities of teachers, peers and parents and analyse & use the learning to self-reflect and evaluate themselves.


In the inquiry-based learning method, the educators are expected to not just answer the queries of the students but also build a culture where their ideas are explored, challenged, improved and refined. It aims to take the students from the position of wondering about a question to understanding the answer and then questioning it further.

In conclusion, our students discover the ways in which they learn and move beyond the traditional methods of memorisation and comprehension for learning. Our pedagogical approach ignites complex processes of learning among the students such as analysing, creative thinking and
evaluation. Further, it makes students more receptive to what the teacher is teaching.