MOLD Learning

At Ivy World School, we have incorporated a learning-through-gaming module that makes use of AR technology.
This module is designed to:

Count – Play with Numbers

The module focuses on enhancing the Mathematical abilities of kids by working with number blocks in the real world.

Your child can choose from 5 games with over 250 engaging levels that feature jungle mysteries, space adventures and other exciting dimensions for your child to dive into.

Letter – Word Building and Grammar skills

This module is designed to enable your child to master spelling and pronunciation in English.
It features 9 story-based games, with 300+ levels that engage children by merging video games with learning in a fun and an interactive way.

Link – Boost Memory and Design-thinking

In this module, your child will be presented with 6 story-based games where they must rely on creative solutions to prevent the structure from toppling.

With over 300 brain teasers to choose from, LINK is designed to enhance memory power and to help children develop spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills.

World – An interactive AR Globe

This interactive module is designed to increase awareness in children about the world and its culture. There are six categories for children to choose from – cultures, cuisines, monuments, inventions, animals and maps. There are over 400+ highlights and 1000+ cool facts about anything and everything under the sun that will keep your little ones engaged and curious about the world around them.

Doctor – An interactive doctor set with a STEM twist!

Tacto Doctor is an interactive doctor game, unlike any other doctor set you’ve seen before! It turns your child’s tablet into a realistic and interactive clinic where they get to treat patients in the form of story-based games.
They can choose from 12 consciously created play pieces and learn the most intricate details about human anatomy.

Chess – An interactive chessboard at your fingertips

Tacto Chess is an interactive game where you can learn to strategise and make moves in chess. The game features 100+ mini puzzles and an AI playing mode to help you practice single moves and advanced strategies.

Mars – Discover the secrets of the stars!

Featuring modules like Orboot Earth and Orboot Mars, the astronomy segment allows students to uncover the secrets of Earth and Mars. Featuring space crafts, interesting facts, adventure games and over 1000 highlights, it gives an experience that is out of this world.

Dinos – Meet the prehistoric predators

Orboot Dinos gives you a chance to travel back in time & encounter some of the most magnificent organisms to have walked the face of the earth. Explore 4 different modes to learn about 50+ species of dinosaurs to have existed.