Mr. Sanjeev K. Vasal


Chairman’s Message

We have begun a new journey, after building a legacy of several years, by creating innovative education models, where our students will be celebrated for their individuality and specific abilities.

We ought to give every child an opportunity to self-learn under the mentorship of our teachers and with the integrated support of digital media, networks, connections, tools and resources which have the potential to meet both individual student and teacher’s needs.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality education and creating a supportive environment where every child can strive and succeed. Our schools have been winning Laurels unabatedly for the quality of care, personalised education, innovative curriculum and extraordinary student performance.

We are building a global networks and partnerships, to not only enrich learning, but also create pathways to education in highly acclaimed colleges internationally.

All this would not have been possible but for our committed school leader and ever learning teaching staff.

By entrusting your child to our care, you are ensuring a happy world and effective learning.


Sanjeev K. Vasal