“Let’s open the doors to new opportunities“.



Ideally, a child enters our foundation stage and remains in that same environment for three consecutive years. By the time the child has completed a kindergarten cycle (encompassing the preschool and kindergarten), the child is comfortable working independently to complete a complex series of tasks happily.

Each child progresses at a pace that is individually appropriate in each curriculum area, allowing each student to feel successful and challenged at all times.

The foundation classes are geared for intake at the beginning of the session in April as per the age criteria given below:

Nursery – 3+ years

K1 – 4+ years

K2 – 5+ years

Kindergarten environment is tailor-made to the toddler’s requirements and filled with developmentally appropriate activities and materials designed to allow them to grow and explore. Our trained teachers guide them towards independence and accomplishment in a gentle and supportive way. Colourful and vibrant classrooms allow varied experiences to foster not only numeracy and skills with literacy but also creativity and imagination.

Our child-centric curriculum is designed to bring an all-around development by providing a range of activities to develop skills through experiential learning, class presentations, assemblies and school performances that happen throughout the year. Children are encouraged to look beyond the walls of their classroom by undertaking pleasure trips and school excursions. These programmes serve children with materials and furnishings designed to make them passionate learners for life.


The IWS Primary Wing recognises the need for an individualised curriculum that prepares students for the ever-changing paradigms of the fast-paced present and the mystifying future. In keeping with this, our classrooms are equipped with equipments for success. Students are exposed to a wide spectrum of teaching aids to stimulate their impressionable, young minds and provide the necessary fodder for the multiple intelligences.

Teachers, who undergo frequent training for sensitisation towards the psychological, social as well as academic aspects of students, continue to be the best prepared. The 100% smart classes, activity-based teaching for each subject, experiential learning, lab activities, small group activities and a wide variety of co-curricular activities allow each child the freedom to find his/her areas of strengths and interests. Each child is prepared for public speaking from the time they enter entry grade, transforming them into confident and self-assured individuals who are not just prepared to get moulded in the ways of the world; they mould the world to their ways. Our education is thus modernistic in its outlook, traditional in its values and sensitive to social issues in its approach.

Middle School

In the Middle School Years (Grades 6 to 8), self-reliance in learning becomes an important aim. Attention is given to the requisite level in each subject by defining attainment standards. Collaborative learning is a regular feature at this stage, as children learn to work together as well as independently. They learn to set immediate goals and have long-term objectives. The extended school programme provides each child an opportunity to build a spare time interest or hobby and engage in creative and constructive pursuits. Sports and hobbies play a vital role in drawing out talent and building character and team spirit.

Secondary School

The knowledge and skills gained during the Secondary School Years equip the students with a firm academic foundation to pursue a variety of educational option in the future. Throughout the curriculum, students are presented with the opportunities to research, solve problems and come to their own conclusions and make decisions.
The afternoon activity program provides each child an opportunity to build a spare time interest or hobby and engage in creative and constructive pursuits. Sports and hobbies play an important role in drawing out talent, building character and team spirit. Responsible and upright behaviour is an expression of the school culture.

Senior Secondary

Higher Secondary School: In this type of schooling, the students will take regular classes and the credits will be based on the performances in the subjects that shall be taught to the students. The school offers the following streams:




The students shall have to choose between any of the above streams to complete their Senior Secondary Schooling. The stream so chosen in Class XI shall be continued to Class XII and no changes shall occur in streams. If at all the students want to change the stream, they have to do it in Junior Year (Class XI) itself.

Activity Clubs

Students of Ivy World School enjoy and cap the benefits of various activity clubs along with co-curricular activities. These clubs are for example Life Skills, Science, Mathematics, Animation, Carpentry, Dramatics, Gardening, Literary and Communication Skills, etc. They give the students an opportunity to learn about various fields through fun and interactive methods which result in better understanding. The other benefits of participation in activity clubs are that students get an opportunity to explore diverse interests and the clubs also boost their self-esteem.