Core Values

Learn Always:

At our schools, we place great importance on fostering positive attitudes and creating a cheerful perception towards learning. We want our students to be enjoying themselves while they’re at school, so much so that they fall in love with the very idea of learning.


Creativity is what fuels an individual from being mediocre to being extraordinary. At Ivy World School, we want to encourage the curiosity of our students and their drive to keep asking questions about the world around them. Our teachers guide students to think outside the box and encourage them to express their unique ideas and perspectives.

Employability and Adaptability:

The world of work today is changing at an ever-increasing pace, necessitating fifty per cent of behavioural skills to adapt along with fifty per cent of knowledge and cognitive skills for employability. We empower our children to build adaptability as a way to be integral to the transformation.

Global Perspective:

When children are young, their minds are always ready to soak up any information we give them. This is why we believe that it is the perfect time to instil the roots of global citizenship. By doing so, we prepare them for stepping on an endless pathway towards learning.